It's My Turn       by:    Tina Fuller


How to gain freedom from a manipulative and self-centered parent.


Are you having trouble with a parent or relative who is completely self-absorbed?  Is there always a high level of tension, drama or aggrevation associated with them?  It's My Turn will give you the answers you are searching for! 

Here's what people are saying about the book:

Martha, Pys.D. LMFT CA:

   "Amazing job! Brilliant way of mapping the road out of a life of misery!"

Mick, LPC VA:

   "I have read your book and am interested in purchasing 10 copies for my patients" 

Lynn IL:

   "Finished reading your book and want you to know it was excellent.  I will share      this with my friends who have grown up in this environment."  

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It's My Turn

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